Adithya & Sruthi

Our story started in 2012 when Shruthi came down to the college for the first time, there were few seniors who ragged her, Adhithya was the part of the raging team as he was a senior and Shruthi was a junior. In college, they used to hate each other but besides being neighbors and family friends they used to behave really well in front of family. As days passed college got over and Adhithya shifted to Chennai for work and so Shruthi both worked at the same office and slowly started liking each other. Likes turned to love with the spark of romance they never knew, and so is today "The happily ever after". Love is not just caring, it's silly fights, getting pissed, still holding on each other, accepting the differences and growing old together. We wedding photographers elite you with impressive stills and remarkable wedding films and albums.

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