Pre Wedding Photography

Cute, casual, fun, fairy-tale-like - whatever be your theme or location for the pre-wedding shoots, we are game to be your partner in crime! Pre-wedding photographs are the best way to add more picturesque memories with your loved one - you could also use them in crafting a magical wedding invitation!

Looking for perfect pre-wedding photographers in Chennai? Looking for a shoot that is unconventional, artistic and enchanting? Look no further. Our crew is our secret weapon. They make your vision a reality.

Our pre-wedding shoots are a pure amalgamation of perfect light, backdrop, and chemistry in a frame that is nothing short of fine art. Trust us for the finesse with lights, lines, angles, and emotions. Let our frames do the talking!

The pre-wedding shoots help our team of photographers to understand your best angles and postures that they can replicate for the wedding shots. Away from the formalities, rituals, and gaze of guests, the relaxed and casual setting is the perfect rehearsal for you to develop a rapport with our team of perfect pre-wedding photographers. Our approach is to understand your needs. The more we talk through your desires and expectations, the better we deliver well beyond your expectations. Your vision defines our approach.

Coupled with years of expertise in fine art photography, the pre-wedding photo-shoot of LNC Photography is a dream team that can seamlessly translate your raw moments into a captivating fairy-tale that is light, airy and ethereal.

Wear your beautiful gowns, pick your favorite location, and take a moment to breathe and sink in love for the reels in real. Forget the camera and live the moment. This is a moment you’ve been waiting forever to frame!

Our Pre Wedding Albums

LNC Photography Chennai
Pre Wedding Photography Mukunth & Vidhya
Pre Wedding Photography Abhishek & Akshaya
LNC Photography Chennai
Pre Wedding Photography Karthikeyan & Menaga
Pre Wedding Photography Arpita Weds Vibinesh
Pre-wedding Photoshoot
Pre Wedding Photography Kasturi Rangan Weds Nandini
Pre-wedding Photoshoot
Pre Wedding Photography Poojasri & Singam
Pre Wedding Photography Bharanidharan And Roshini Priya
Pre Wedding Photography Aishwarya & Sharath
Pre Wedding Photography Brindha and Senthil
Pre Wedding Photography Sahithya and Shyam Sundar
Pre Wedding Photography Venkat and Supraja
Pre Wedding Photography Rajesh and Niveditha
Pre Wedding Photography Rishab and Dimple
Pre Wedding Photography Rubini and Vela
Pre Wedding Photography Ram and Janu
Pre Wedding Photography Swapna and Sriram
Pre Wedding Photography Manasvini and Nikolas
Pre Wedding Photography Caroline and John
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