Aravind & Janani

It feels so right when the family supports your decisions in choosing your life partner. The story of Arvind and Janani is just the same, both of them belong to the IT firm, excellent in their profession and work. Once they met for an IT meeting at Hyatt there they spoke to each other, met each other's friends and exchanged numbers, and from there the affair of the heart began. Video calls, coffee dates, Movies, Shopping, late Night calls, Chats, etc. As months passed Arvind proposed to Janani for Marriage and she said a "Yes". Both of them knew that their culture(Bhramins), rituals, the cast is the same and spoke to their families. Families were happy and this love story moved to the new phase of life as Marriage. Wedding Photography is not just a normal Photography, we photographers from Chennai work really hard and to give outshine and everlasting output to our clients.

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