Venkat Weds Supraja

Life is all about surprises and the lockdown wedding was completely surprising. Before the lockdown was announced our bride Supraja came to meet Venkat from Coimbatore for the first time. Indian parents decided to make them meet and decide on their future. While they could even think about anything, a lockdown was announced and the bride could not travel back home, and she got locked here at her relative's place. During that time she got to know about Venkat, as he too stayed in the same apartment. So both used to meet each other to spend some quality time. As time passed by, both started feeling the charm of love in them. So I finally decided to get married during lockdown itself. Families were really happy with their decision and they got them married. Few love stories started during the lockdown and our photographers captured their beautiful and cherishable moment to make your wedding ceremony a remarkable one.

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