We have tried to emerge as a Chennai based photography company which delivers moments in a unique flavour which makes them feel like yesterday. Every member of our team is devoted to give you candid and narrative moments which weave a story around your moment. Each couple’s story of how they met is unique. What may seem like a mundane series of events to one could be cherished as the most extraordinary tale for another. And we love to capture those tales such as of Manasvini and Nikolas through a pre wedding shoot. Pre wedding photography can display the amazing chemistry between couples through the lens of ace photographers, which become special moments to remain etched in your memory forever. Pre wedding photo shoots offer couples a chance to bond and explore the remarkable feeling of being cared for, in a run-up to the wedding. Create deep and meaningful montages and videos of your first date, engagement or first trip together as a couple with the LNC team of photographers to carve out memories that will last a lifetime.

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