Rajesh Weds Gowthami

Love always tends to find its way and bounds two people together, Destiny brings them together. Our bride's father was always a strict person he never used to send her daughter on college trips. One fine day Gowthami asked her father about the trip and he granted her permission. On the groom's side, he too came with his friend's group to Kodaikanal. Accidently, both the group stayed in the same hotel, next day morning Rajesh saw Gowthami when she was posing for pictures. A spark of love, at first sight, made him fall for her. He did not try to speak to her. Later after the trip got over, the bride's dad decided to get her married he found Rajesh as her perfect match. Same community, same culture, and a happy family. Rajesh was shocked looking at Gowthami he was very happy and excited knowing that he is going to marry the girl whom he had a huge crush on. That's how few love stories starts.

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