Sheik Abuullah Weds Hameetha Rinas

In India, some people choose their life partner by themselves, but some rely on their parents to find them a perfect partner. Our couple Sheik and Hameetha are the same. When asked about their love story, they say is it necessary to fall in love? Love can happen even after getting married! Olden days used to be like this where couples used to listen to their parents and get married, but today two strangers meet each other with no spark of love and get married. Love can happen after marriage respect and love is all that we require for a healthy marriage. We love the way they respected parents' decision and today we're inspired to see a love story like this. We are overwhelmed capturing their wedding ceremony and reception. While capturing their wedding we never felt that we're capturing an arranged marriage as we could see the spark of love glowing more and more day by day.

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