6 Best Manipulation Photo edits by Photographers in Chennai (2020)

6 Best Manipulation Photo edits by Photographers in Chennai (2020)

It sounds so different when listening to the word named Manipulation photo edit. Manipulation is not just clicking pictures, editors who later sit and work on the photographs clicked by the photographer.

While having a manipulation shoot a photographer needs to pre-plan the shoot and then go for production and later for post-production. This type of photography is termed as imaginary photography.

Manipulation photo editing is one of the most enthralling editing techniques used by an editor where he turns a normal photograph into an extremely different style. 

Editors not only use Photoshop but also various photo editing tools to get the best output. Photo manipulation in photoshop goes through a lot of augmentations and corrections for just getting an excellent visual image.



As per the NPPA’s code of ethics “photographers do not manipulate images or alter them, they create a visual representation in such a way that misleads the subject.

Manipulation photo editing is a popular art form that allows the photographer to express ideas and emotions which are difficult to capture with realistic photography. Photo manipulation is a dream scene that opens the world to creativity. 

Tips and Ideas for Photo manipulation

  • Ample, Effective workflow
  • Working with High-resolution images
  • Being productive
  • Working with Lights and shadows

Manipulation editing requires a lot of imaginative editing skills where they have to be master in science fiction scenes, setting up the color scheme, perspectives, and creating much more. 

Photographers stick to ordinary photo editing yet Wedding photographers of Chennai are exceptional, the team of LNC photography is very artistic in the work they do. 

Photographers capture the real world, the manipulated image gives a pause to visualize and reconsider the way we see the world. Artists take even a week to work on one single image.


Themed Photography 

Photography is an element that transports viewer attention to a very imaginative visual image. It is like a genre, fantasy photography has sub-genres within it. Not all of the sub-genres have a proper name, whereas the concept is slightly nebulous and blurs at several boundaries, which can be easily portrayed.



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