What are the types and styles in Wedding Photography (2020)?

What are the types and styles in Wedding Photography (2020)?

Types and Styles in Wedding Photography 2020

  • Pre wedding photography
  • Manipulation Photography
  • Candid wedding photography
  • Traditional wedding photography
  • Camera used by photographers
  • Hiring Wedding Photographer
  • Expensive wedding photography and its Advantages


  1. What is Pre-Wedding photography?

The pre-wedding photography concept is nothing but a photoshoot between the couples. It’s done two or three months earlier than their wedding day. Today as photographers we have become creative and innovative, we use different styles to make your wedding album look more artistic and beautiful.

A pre-wedding photoshoot is capturing some initial bonding between the couples. Photography helps us to cherish the moments later when they grow older. 

It is so happily said that our wedding pictures are shown to our kids and we show them how romantic we were during our era. 

In the coming days, there will be more things coming up, but these romantic moments will make our journey a remarkable one. 

Photography is not just capturing images it’s holding onto the moment to relieve the best memories by each other.


2. What is Manipulation Photography 2020? 

Manipulation Photo edit art breaks the laws of physics and reality. The picture created by a photographer should be as realistic as possible.

Reality does not mean creating something which can be found in real life. It has to do more with the colors and background.  

Pre-wedding photography manipulation is creative and conceptual. Cherished by the clients in the photography industry today.

Having a Manipulation shoot is great, it will create a story to a wedding album. Those pictures give the feel of a cinematic industry. 

Photo manipulation is more to play with lights, shadows, and colors. 



3. What is candid wedding photography?

To capture an emotion of a person without him/her knowing is called to be a beautiful candid wedding photographer

A candid photographer is not required only at the wedding but also for outdoor pre-wedding shoots. 

Many people like to pose, whereas few want their emotions to be snapped by the photographer. 

In other words, for every moment a bride and groom cannot pose, their emotions of happiness and sentiments have to be captured by the candid wedding photographer

For eg., While the bride is going ahead for Varmala, she cannot stand and keep posing every time as she has to live that particular moment. That’s when a candid photographer is required to capture her emotions and feelings so, while she looks back at the picture, she gets the same feeling that she felt at that moment.



4. What are wedding photography styles?

The following are the different styles of photography.

  1. Candid Wedding Photography– Natural light photography
  2. Portrait photography– Emotions captured, also named as portraiture. 
  3. Black & White– Monochrome images, classic way to capture timeless images.
  4. Landscape– Wide angels used to capture nature, also named as illustrative and aerial photography.
  5. Traditional Photography– Flash and artificial lights used by the camera person.

5. Why do we hire a wedding photographer?

A picture is taken to file it as a document and recall the experience later. Professor Jose Van Dijck explains photography is said to be a memory tool for documenting a person’s past. 

Hiring a wedding photographer is important, as to recall the beautiful memories of a wedding album and a wedding videographer is required.  

Today as the trend is changing people accurately go in for the pre-wedding shoot and post-wedding shoot as they want to capture their emotional and romantic moments to cherish all these memories in the future.

To capture history. A wedding photographer is hired. 



6. Which camera is used by a wedding photographer?

As the bias of photography changes, photographers can change their cameras and play with new techniques as the trend. 

Shooting various styles of photography requires different cameras and light setup to stand out in the photography industry. 

Today, as the technology has gotten in Electronic viewfinder photographers, have changed their trend from DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras.

Here are a few cameras used by photographers in India for Indian Wedding Photography.

7. How many types of wedding photographers?

There are two types of photographer,

  • Traditional Wedding Photographer:
    1.  People being aware of the big picture has been taken. 
    2. People dress up and pose, while the photographer says “smile please” or “Cheese”
    3. Flash is used to bring in artificial lights. Such photography is used more for an album, group photos, and portrait photography.
  • Candid Wedding photographer:
    1. People being unaware of the big picture has been taken.
    2. It brings realism
    3. Candid clicks are more of dreamy light, shallow depths, saturated colors, and equipment. 

8. Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Every couple spends a lot on their wedding day. They book a makeup artist, clothes, guest, venue, etc. A wedding photographer is expensive because they capture almost all your event starts from the rituals, people, covering guests, catering services, makeup, post shoots, etc. 

While a photographer is booked, they carry all the equipment like camera, lenses, tripod, batteries, memory cards, drones, etc. after which a good pc to edit your images and create a wedding album. When every moment you want to be captured in your wedding albums, then why negotiate with the wedding photographer

Wedding photographers have huge pressure while a wedding takes place. They care for their expensive equipment, which in case of breaks they bear the expenses for it. To turn out your pictures perfectly, a photographer and its team undergo a lot of pressure.

Before purchasing expensive flowers, cake, and dress, remember that saving a little on each of those will make a better investment in wedding photographers.


9. How many wedding photographers do I need for my wedding?

Usually, it depends on the type of wedding that is taking place. Few weddings often tend to be the great grand one and few might be the sober one. 

For Sober Weddings 

  • One Traditional Photographer
  • One Candid Photographer
  • One traditional videographer
  • One candid videographer
  • Drone

Grand weddings

  • Two Traditional Photographer
  • Two Candid Photographer
  • Two traditional videographer
  • Two candid videographer
  • Drone

Wedding photographers do customize their quote depending upon our wedding venue, crowd, and the type of wedding. 


10. Why is wedding photography the best?

Wedding photographers get a unique opportunity to capture an important day in someone’s life and gift them in the form of a wedding album, which is nurtured throughout their life. 

Years later, wedding photos shed a happy tear. Looking at the history and embracing that moment for being part of experiences via images.  

Wedding photography is truly an amazing gift from photographers to their clients. Photographers expect satisfaction from customers beyond money.


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