Bridal Portraits of 2019

Bridal Portraits of 2019

Your Wedding day is likely to be the most important day of your life – so your photography needs to be special! It is a magical and soulful lifetime experience and a bridal portrait session that captures your best will always be a sweet memento of that special time. What is your visual imagery of bridal portrait? Is it just hours of standing perfectly composed, smiling just right about enough and poised? Well, we think you deserve some fun and experimentation with portraits – After all bridal portraits are an opportunity to unleash your creative self!

Bridal Portraits from 2019

 Here are some pro-tips for your bridal portrait sessions

  •     Look for ideas – Nowadays, it’s really easy to gather inspiration from Pinterest and other social media forms. There exist endless variations of poses depending on the form of your wedding. Be it a “getting ready” shot or “Through the glass” shot, you can create your own magic in the frame if you’ve seen some images that you think you could replicate better and those that express your personality the best.
  •     Scout for Locations – It always helps to plan ahead! Think of locations in the wedding mandap or outdoors, have an idea of few positions for shots. Portraits of bride opening a door is a timeless classic – you just need to find a suitable location with massive and splendid doors!
  •     It’s in the small details! – Your wedding is the most important day of your life – so your photography needs to be special! Personal detailing and props make the bridal portraits more intimate. Flowers are the best and easiest property. A bride will look very elegant surrounded by flowers, especially if there are plenty of them. Colorful flowers bring in a touch of vibrancy to bridal portraits. Play around additional accessories – like a tiara or a veil!
  •     Have fun! – Get creative with your shots and add different perspectives! The more fun you have around the process, the more relaxed and natural the photography. Loosen up and keep smiling.

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