Wedding: Every Indian Bride and Groom Dreams for a Rich & Royal wedding

Wedding: Every Indian Bride and Groom Dreams for a Rich & Royal wedding

An Indian wedding involves many intricate traditional ceremonies. Hindu, Brahmins, Muslims, Jains, Christians all have different ways to celebrate the wedding, but in all of these, the common thing between the weddings is the preparations, the feelings of the Bride and Groom before they married.

When a couple decides to get married from day one their preparation for weddings starts. Starting from selecting wedding themes until leaving for their honeymoon.

Indian weddings are divided into three subtitles.

  • Pre-wedding: Planning for the decorations of each function the costumes, makeup artist, Mehandi artist, invitation cards, catering, Choreographers, guest list, Photographers, Videographers, etc. 

Every couple dreams for a Pre-wedding photoshoot, where they get to spend quality time with each other and feel like filmy actors and actresses. 

Through Pre-wedding shoots, the bride and groom get the makeup trial, costume trail and also they get friendly with the camera for the main day.

The amazing Portraits they get clicked by the Photographer can be used for their wedding invitations and Reception backgrounds.

  • Main: The main day is the day where the bride and groom tie up the knot of life. Groom’s feeling would be like this is the person with whom I am gone be spending the rest of my life and the bride will have the same feeling where they both get responsibilities of each other and families as well.
The feelings of the Bride & Groom Am I looking good ? Will she or he accept me the way I am? How will things work? It’s the right time, I hope I haven’t taken any wrong step. Is the photographer capturing my correct emotions? Are things going well ? Why am I getting butterflies in my tummy?
  • Post-Wedding: Finally at the end after the wedding is over tying mangal sutra in her neck putting sindoor on her head as traditional rituals,taking blessings from the relative’s elderly people etc. After the Indian wedding gets over its the Photographers and Videographers who make it special by giving our memories in Creative albums.

Weddings are not only between two people, but it’s also the two families that merge and become one. One of the most important days to hold in life is the wedding day. This is the day where you get a person in life with whom you would promise to share the whole of your life.

“You don’t marry one person; you marry three: the person you think they are, the person they are, and the person they are going to become as a result of being married to you.” Richard Needham

Motive of LNC Photographers: We Photographers refresh your memories and make you relive the moments everytime you look at the picture.

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