Best Places to plan a Photoshoot in Chennai

Best Places to plan a Photoshoot in Chennai
In a world full of selfies who don’t need an amazing capture by the Photographer. Here are some wonderful places where you can plan a Best Pre- Wedding Photoshoot in Chennai.

Elements on ECR:

A remarkable backdrop can highlight everything in a picture where a shoot can become rich and royal to subtle and divine.

Yes, today we’re here to tell you Chennai is come up with beautiful and fantastic backdrop setups where you can plan your pre-wedding photoshoots, fashion shoots, maternity photoshoots, post-wedding shoots, and a lot more!

It’s not the backdrop that makes it commendable. It’s also the photographer and his photography skills that make the image stand out!

Aren’t you excited to visit such a place with an astounding candid photographer in Chennai?

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chennai photography
chennai photography
chennai photography

Juhu Beach

We all love sunsets and early morning sunrises. Juhu Beach is a place where we can have a couples Photoshoot in chennai. The roads of this beach are very neat and clean. It’s located before you enter the toll gate. One side of the road is the Beach and on the other side, its rows of trees and some great walls to flaunt your dress and get great clicks for Pre Wedding Photoshoots. The best time to get a memorable shot at this place would be early morning sunrise.

Studio 24

A wonderful shoot location in Utandi Chennai ECR which is 27km away from the city. A location with varieties of backdrops, unique and antique props, themed setups, Creative walls, etc. The location Studio 24 is suitable for fashion, post/pre-wedding photoshoots, maternity shoots, baby shoots, movie shoots and, album shoots.
They provide a green room for changing and the staff there is very friendly. The sets are very clean and maintained quite well. First time in Chennai a setup like this has come up.
A place where you can get your dream shoot done easily. The place creates the mood of the couple where they come across with various ideas to get their pictures done most admiringly. The moments spent together during the best Pre-wedding photoshoot will be one of the best journeys of your life.

best place to plan a photoshoot

Streets of Mylapore

Mylapore is the central part of Chennai, which is highly crowded with people around. The streets of mylapore are a mixture of colors and smell. The houses around are really colorful and unique which give us the feel of olden days. It’s great to capture images at such places for a Couple’s Photoshoot,  “New generation Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with a twist of ancient walls filled with vibrant colors.” 

Secret Garden

The most beautiful and calm place to have a Photoshoot in Chennai would be the Secret garden. The place is in Ecr, they have different props that can be used for the Photoshoots with the beautiful garden and the people over there are very cooperative. They also have a changing room for the clients, and the best time to shoot at this place would be the Noon time. The ambiance, lighting and the place is very cool and relaxing.

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Nights Shoots on roads of Chennai

When the day ends the other beauty of night starts. The beauty of shooting in the night is there is no disturbance of traffic or people walking in and around. Photo Shooting at night is really hard, but LNC photographers capture the beauty of night light on the roads of Chennai. Night shoots in the city are really mesmerizing, they capture the beauty of clouds, roads, lights and the couple in the night.

Electric Trains

Old is gold. Electric trains are the sign of clients travelling back to vintage 90’s. People who loved the era of the 90’s would love such locations to have a Photoshoot. The collection of old furniture, railway tracks the old station backdrops would bring unique style in their Pre Wedding Photoshoots. The best time to shoot at this place would be the noon time.


Before Pondicherry the best place to have a Photoshoot in Chennai would be Mahabalipuram. This place is filled with the shores of a temple, rocks and by the sea aside. This place is known for its temples and monuments, the best time to shoot at this would be mornings and the sunsets. The perfect place for a Pre-Wedding Shoot where couples get to spend some good quality time before the wedding. The beaches at this place are really neat and clean.

N4 Beach

N4 Beach has its own beauty, with no sand and only rocks aside. It’s located in Tondiarpet, where one side of the beach is with rocks and the other side is fishing & boating. It has multi-colored boats and a very relaxing vibe. The best time to shoot at this place would be early morning sunrise. 


Wedding Street OMR

One of the best places to shoot for Photographers in Chennai would be the Wedding Street which is located in OMR . They provide the best backdrop with unique style props to do any type of shoot i.e Pre Wedding Photography, Maternity shoots, Post Wedding Photography, Wedding Photography etc. They have green lawns, innovative autos, bicycles, rikshaw, indoor studios and green matte with cg background. This place is equipped with a green room and good staff.



Looking for an ethenic theme then Dakshinachitra is the Best place to shoot for couples. It is a museum of art and artichere. At this place you can find replicas of the late 60’s from the southern cultures of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Place filled with greenery & peace with no disturbance during Photoshoot.

Tiger cave

Tiger cave is a rock cut hindu temple which is located near mahabalipuram. It’s a picnic spot where kids come to enjoy but a very good place to have a Photoshoot too. The absolute time to visit this place would be the day time, the place is well maintained with the beach connected to it. 

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