Wedding Photographers During Quarantine Period

Wedding Photographers During Quarantine Period

Wedding Photographers During Quarantine Period

The only thing we can do during Quarantine is waiting until we get to an end to it, despite being a wedding photographer it is a great loss in business. Due to CoronaVirus, all the events have been canceled as respects the Prime minister of India Narendra Modi to maintain social distancing, work from home where everything else locked down until for a period of time.  

During this downtime period, Photographers can make use of it in a very different way. 


  • Digital Marketing: 

We photographers who are so much engaged in our business during this down period, we utilize our time in Digital & Social Marketing. We learn things from SEO analysts who get us leads while we are busy shooting in Production.  Today our marketing executive makes our website look more imaginary and inspiring to the viewers visiting our website. 


  • Working on still images:

Being a Photographer, utilizing our time by finishing all our work before time, regulating to work on still images as well as moving images as these days clients find moving images more appealing than stills.


  • Retouch on edited pictures: 

After all the work of editing is over our team finds ways to rework on edited images. They use their creativity to make the image look more appealing to the clients on our website, we appropriately make use of our time. 


  • Retouch of videos:

When we have infinite time we make use of it by reworking on videos that are helpful for websites and marketing. Recreating videos gives us further exercise and also gives us the practice to learn new things as we all know learnings have no end. 


  • Updating the website:

Being a Wedding Photographer in Chennai we always tend to focus more on the Production part. Today during this stage it’s time to update our website in a most beautiful and pleading way. A particular audience visiting our website should be engaged in it to book with us. We work on our website through an audience point of view as our website must be more imaginary than it actually looks. 


  • Accounting and Book-keeping:

It is quite common when we are up for back to back shoots, we tend to forget maintaining proper accounts and bookkeeping. During this worthy time, we maintain our complete accounts, Excel and Book markings up-to-date. 


  • Building connections:

The best way to make use of this time is building connections, creating networks with people whom we want to work with, eg: Makeup artists, fashion designers, event planners and many by sending them invitations through emails or by collaborating with them. Building contacts through calls or messages, talking to clients with whom we haven’t been in touch with for a longer time, sending them Photo Session packages, offering them the best deals etc, will help in building connections to the audience and clients. 


  • Reworking on Blogs:

More or less we find topics to write about, creating blogs or reworking on them helps to grow our website. LNC Photographers are deviceful to that. 


  • Learning New & Creative things:

There is no bound to learn new things. A photographer can learn new things in editing or lighting, and can also work on his/her shooting skills. Watching videos or learning things and many more, photography has no end to creativity and its creative minds. 


  • Spending time with family:

Last but not least, spending time with family, the journey of a photographer always tends to be busy. This quarantine period is giving us time to spend with family & friends through social distancing, reliving our childhood memories, spending time with grandparents and also giving time to ourselves.

In this busy world, we did not have time to spend for ourselves. For eg: we always thought of doing something in life and we couldn’t do that because of time or our usual busy schedule, so here is the time we can make use of this period and stay safe at home with family marinating social distancing and working from home.

The LNC Photography team wishes you to stay safe and have a Happy Quarantine Period. 


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