Why is a Pre-Wedding Shoot Important for the Couple?

Why is a Pre-Wedding Shoot Important for the Couple?

We invest a lot for our big day and it’s only the photographers who relive our day on albums forever. Our Photographers give us a practice of how to pose in front of the camera and not being conscious when people are around. We are experienced in clicking selfies but we photographers give you possess which are really creative and not the same old cheesy ones. Our aim is to get natural Pre Wedding Photographs.

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Today we are in a world of 50-50 where 50% of people go for arranged marriages and 50% of people prefer love marriages. When there is love there is no question of compatibility between the couple. But when the topic comes about arranged marriage-  first of all they won’t be knowing each other so well. This Pre Wedding Photography allows the couple to get closer to each know how compatible they are together. 

  • Couples pictures can be used for invitations and wedding cards
  • Pictures can be used in receptions as a slideshow
  • Couples get a free trial of makeup & hair do
  • They get rid of camera consciousness
  • You get to know the photographer and the photographers too get to know your expectations.
  • Couples get to spend some quality time together.


After years memories of your wedding day will fade away. Having these wedding, engagement pictures only will make you relive your moments. This Pre-Wedding Shoot will make your wedding collection even more special in the upcoming priceless years.

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