Indoor and Outdoor Fashion Photography

Indoor and Outdoor Fashion Photography

Texture, scent, and color of fabrics, sharp outfits, models posing in dreamscapes with rich props – are you already drooling? Fashion truly is a visual game.

Let us, however, decode Fashion and Style. We believe that Fashion is what the world decides as in-vogue and style is what you truly believe as “In”. Why is this differentiation critical? Your personal style is a confident expression of your identity and you do not have to conform to the set standards of fashion to be fashionable. We believe that your enticing personal style can represent “real” people rather than well-made silhouettes. To be able to express yourself visually through your personal style can be very enriching and empowering. After all, fashion modeling is to look like the people buying the clothes, not the other way around!

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Photographers are your allies for indoor and outdoor shoots and they make all the difference in conceptualizing the shoot and bringing your ideas to life. Your first shoot with a new photographer can be intimidating. It’s even harder if you’re a beginner. So here are some Pro-tips to help you make that first step! 

  • Conceptualize your theme

Having a clear, concise vision and a purposeful plan is a great starter. 

Photographers want to shoot your story. You are providing a glimpse into a world with unique perspectives of yourself and your style statement. This can make all the difference to bring your fashion story to life, with more realism and relative ease. 

Build a rapport with your team of photographers to communicate your expectations and goals. Brainstorming and defining a strong story and concept is a great way to create a bond. Fashion Photography is devoid of creative restriction – explore and experiment like there is no end. 

  • Indoor vs Outdoor Shoot

Decide your location in line with your theme. If you have decided outdoors, choose one that suits your costumes and adds something to your story. Also, ensure a backup option in case the weather doesn’t go according to plan.

Above all, be confident and body-positive. Embrace yourself!

Go ahead, plan your pin-terest worthy ideas and feel fabulous!

top fashion photographers in chennai
top fashion photographers in chennai

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