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Live Streaming Wedding During Covid-19 Crisis

Live Streaming Wedding During Covid-19 Crisis

A wedding is a ceremony where two people choose to share vow to spend life together titled “Marriage“. In many Indian cultures, a wedding is celebrated in different ways, some celebrate it for a day and others celebrate it for a week. 

Today social distancing and huge gathering are restricted due to the disease caused named Covid-19. Due to this Coronavirus, many couples have canceled and postponed their wedding dates.

How long can we postpone the Wedding?

Wedding Photographers & Videographers have come up with the new strategy named live streaming while the wedding takes place. Covering festivals, events, and Weddings with a team of Photographers and videographers ensuring social distancing and making your wedding a memorable one. We have come up with a new idea as webcasting live videos for the relatives who are far away and are unable to attend the wedding.

Professional photographers and videographers help to share your wedding live stream to friends, relatives, social media, and also to the people who are hospitalized bedridden, etc. Live streaming has become a trend these days when seeing the complete world is growing on Social media platforms. 

The cost of live streaming videos depends on the technologies being used, the number of guests, number of days the festival and the wedding function takes place. Candid wedding Photography team offers a live package and pricing based on your exact requirements.

Scheduling events on time as we do not want to face any technical issues or programming issues by the last minute. Here are some of our live streaming social media platforms,

  1. Facebook Live
  2. Youtube Live
  3. Instagram Live
  4. Zoom 
  5. Google Duo
  6. Skype
  7. Facetime, etc

There are some paid professional apps too like Vimeo Livestream, Dacast, etc.

Sending E-wedding invites through social media platforms assuring that they have a good internet connection and its speed to be tested. Giving complete details about the live streaming event with the time slots and date. The details should be so precise and firm that there is no confusion at the last minute. Wedding photographers make sure about the camera positioning that is close enough to cover the main entrance, stage, and the live guest available at the venue. It is suggested to keep the camera at the center of the aisle so that it can capture the complete wedding professionally. 

We think that live-streaming videos seem to be cheap and easy but it is not as simple as pressing the camera rolling button. It’s the photographers and videographers who work on the venue a day earlier to examine the lightings, coverage, camera placements, and sound recording. Assuring that video streaming works perfectly without any last-minute hassles. A live test is done a day former to ensure that there is no technical or broadcast issue and all the elements are working well together. 

Using social media Platforms to make your wedding day an exceptional one.

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