Top 5 Photography techniques for Weddings in Chennai

Top 5 Photography techniques for Weddings in Chennai

It is beautifully said that wedding photography is an art, but capturing a moving moment is a profession that is more or less called Candid wedding photography

The word wedding means the same for all the religion, caste and community, but its the society which has defined the named wedding with different words before the wedding

  1. Hindu wedding
  2. Christan wedding 
  3. Muslim Wedding 
  4. Tamil wedding 
  5. Temple weddings etc,

Photographers have different styles of portraying their styles depending upon their purpose. There are different styles of photography,



Traditional Wedding Photography

when we look at the traditional styles of photography their wedding album tends to be keener on traditional shots. These shots may either be group pictures, cake cuttings, wedding rituals, family get together, etc. Hence Photographers and clients tend to get more key shots of the client and the couple. Photographers must have experience of years in making the clients pose and direct them in a brilliant way to get the best shot with family and friends.




Perspective Wedding Photography

This technique is more often used when the background, lights, and composition are fascinating. Usually in this type of photography, the couples are asked to pose candidly in front of the camera so that we get an amazing angle with the couples where the environment makes the picture look more natural. Perspective photographers need to have a skill of landscape and Aerial photography too.



Portrait Photography

The most beautiful image of the bride and groom is clicked during portrait photography. This type of photography is called formal photography, where the person is subjected to the camera directly. Most of the emotions are captured by Portrait photography and couples end up framing them or displaying it at home. 

Wedding Portraits are more meaningful moments for the bride and groom where the bride will be finally ready with her makeup and wedding gown and the groom with his suit. Wedding Portrait photography is done privately first and then after tying the knot with each other. 



Candid Photography

Another style of photography is its candid photography, it’s usually captured when the couple is having their “Big moment of life”. It can be called a documentary film or a creative type of photography where the natural image of couples is evoked, flooded with emotions which look more real and a natural image. To be an expert Candid Wedding Photographer, he/she needs to have an experience of years as well as make the audiance feel comfortable while capturing them. Capturing stunning pictures on wedding day is a beautiful task for Candid photography lovers. 




Black & White Photography

One of the great techniques used by photographers is Monochrome Photography. During ancient times it was only black and white pictures after that color pictures entered.

These days clients do prefer black & white photography whereas few like only color pictures. The technique is often used when there are difficult lighting conditions, it is a great technique which is practiced by many shooters. The best way to express the emotion of a couple would be the black and white picture.

A wedding photographer is responsible for telling a story with each image. When the story is about raw emotion, often it is better expressed in black and white.




The most beautiful angles of the couple are captured with these 5 types of photography. Thanks to all our clients who allowed us to click pictures of them and trusted our team as we give us the best in our creativity,

Every wedding is a new challenge with the photography styles we use.

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