Struggles by a Product Photographer

Struggles by a Product Photographer

A product picture adds value only when the visual representation of the product is appealing to the human eye, which leads to customers buying that product and that leads to high-quality sales for store managers investing in Product photographers Chennai.
Having perfect product photography is important, not every store manager or E-Commerce website manager would be ready to invest a huge amount in Photography.
Product Photography can give us beautiful images that can win the trust of the customers and it can create a brand in itself who thinks of starting a new business in Digital Marketing. There are various types of Photography but the challenges faced by a product photographer are huge,


  • Preparation before Product Photoshoot: Before we are up for a shoot the cameras, lights, tripods, foldable white mini portables, and lots of accessories are to be taken care of. Some clients ask for a white background shoot while some ask for a creative photoshoot so the photographer works accordingly as the head asks for using Photoshop.

 After reaching the shoot location, it takes an hour or more to set up the complete studio dealing with lights, a setup for the table, white light, backgrounds, and a lot more.

  • Production Time: While shooting for the products the pictures are shot on high-quality images, where these pictures are used for websites and social marketing. Shooting for products that are sold on an E-commerce website is 90% with white backgrounds. Eg: When we see products on Amazon, Flipkart, and other websites, the visual representation of the product is white but it is so appealing that we buy them. A product Photographer struggles a lot more clicking the pictures he/she shoots in three different angles and after which it is selected by the client and then it goes for post-production work. 
  • Creativity On Products: Sometimes the most important thing in a product shoot is its creativity. A photographer has to be very creative in clicking pictures for eg: when Photographer shoots for brands like Perfumes, wine bottles, Jewelry, branded watches, etc. He/She works on the client request but not every store manager would be ready to invest, it is because product photography is really expensive than the normal photoshoots of a particular product. A creative photographer also has to carry a lot of additional props like stones, pebbles, crushed papers, black rear-back glass, and a lot more depending upon the product wants and its creativity. 
  • Post Production work: After the shoot is over its the editors, who clear the small mistakes by zooming the pictures, resizing it, adding contrast, and giving the final touch to the images selected by the clients. This becomes interesting & basic facts in photography during post production.

A product photographer will always keep experimenting with angles, using reflected surfaces, 360 angles, and a lot more. Visual Photography is the only way that can grab the attention of potential customers.

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 A Product videoshoot shoot of a Car Wheeler Cleaner in Chennai.

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