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When it comes to planning for the wedding day, the list seems to be endless. The most important part of the wedding is the couple and the way they have been captured through photographic lenses. However planning for a wedding requires an excellent event manager, perfect florist, catering services, beautiful wedding dresses, jewelries, and most importantly a wedding...
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 Zooming is not advisible Smartphone cameras usually have digital zoom, whereas DSLR has optical zoom. Digital zoom tends to pixellate the images and also blurs the images. Therefore the best option is to go near the subject and click. You can also use editing apps which can crop or zoom to a particular part of...
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The first flashes were mini- explosions of a mix of potassium chloride and aluminum. Unfortunately, when you mix potassium chloride and aluminum incorrectly, you get a huge explosion. A camera lens is circular, but the images appear as the square. This is because, camera lenses are a part of optical system, whereas the image formation...
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Love that blossoms time and keeps us happy. The story of two lovers Ruchi & Aravind united two states as one. Ruchi belongs to Chhattisgarh state and she was passionately operating for the co. Cisco working on the post of Technical Engineer. Every day during her breakfast and coffee time, she used to come out...
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In a world full of selfies who don’t need an amazing capture by the Photographer. Here are some wonderful places where you can plan a Best Pre- Wedding Photoshoot in Chennai. Juhu Beach We all love sunsets and early morning sunrises. Juhu Beach is a place where we can have a couples Photoshoot in chennai....
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