Candid Photography | Top 11 sets to plan a photoshoot in Chennai

Candid Photography | Top 11 sets to plan a photoshoot in Chennai

What is Candid photography?

An emotional, expressive, or ongoing moment is being captured without the person’s knowledge called candid photography. We could even say that an imperfect shot always turns out to be a perfect one as the candid photographer captures it.

Candid photography is not capturing still objects. In other words, it’s not an easy job. You’ll have to click numerous shots to be an excellent candid photographer. It requires years of experience in the industry to be a great photographer.

Where to capture Candid Photography shots?

There is no such place to click candid shots. You can capture the moments in any place and at any time. All you would require is the perfect light and a fantastic backdrop.

Backdrop matters a lot when our lovely clients require themed pre-wedding photoshoots, fashion photoshoots, maternity shoots, etc.

We care for our clients; that’s why Elements on east coast.

. have got you incredible sets and backdrops where you can plan your shoots with your best ever candid photographers.

Here are the top 11 set to plan a photoshoot in Chennai by having a perfect candid photography physique in hand.


For all the couples looking for a photoshoot and a royal palace backdrop in India, Windsor Castle is the right choice. The royal castle was built 900 years ago, and the royal queen used to relax at her palace during the weekends.

2. Tunnel of Romance:

An eye-catching parkway called to be the beautiful spot in Klevan, Ukraine. An ideal place for ones who are exceptionally keen on having a photoshoot in the night lights.


Popular landmark of Jaisalmer city. It was built in 1156 by King Rawal Jaisal. This set is apt for wedding photography or for those desiring to have a rich, royal, and rajwadi pre-wedding shoot.


During the 21st century, ancient gardens were considered World’s Seven Wonders and located near the royal palace in Babylon. An incredible backdrop in Chennai to plan your fashion shoots and maternity shoots.


The Pumpkin Coach was made by the fairy godmother so that Cinderella could attend the ball. Every girl is a cinderella in the prince’s heart. Capturing flashes in the pumpkin carriage makes you feel none less than a cinderella, and we, as a candid photographer at the ball.

6. Retro Ring:

An art form from the historical past. Filmy eye-catchy setup for young couples entering the new era, but revamping into the old ones to experience the character of those eras.

7. Ancient Rome:

Couples and fashion models can feel the Italian city of Rome in Chennai. The backdrop gives you the feel of a roman kingdom as a King and a Queen. Candid photography at such spots could create miracles in the fashion portfolio and wedding portfolios.

LNC Photography

8. Crescent Moon:

Excellent flower decor and nature’s color go hand in hand. The backdrop where one could sit or lie on it and have amazing candid photo shoots.

9. Indian Lantern:

Olden day’s essentials have become today’s trendy props. “Candid photography without lights is terrible, just like the backdrop without a lantern is awful”—the backdrop for the ones looking for an intense or a bold look.

LNC Photography

10. Moroccan Lanterns:

For those looking for an Arabian night backdrop into their marriage albums and fashion collection.

11. Santorini’s Balcony:

One of the unusual setups from Greece where you can give the authentic feel of Greece in your magical pre-wedding snapshots.

These were the top 11 sets to plan your shoots in Chennai.

What type of shoot would you plan here?

In conclusion, candid photography could be pre-wedding, maternity, fashion, candid portrait, and lots more as the backdrop and photography perspective with nature give a great feel to the photographer and the client. We’d love to capture miraculous moments without disturbance.

What’s your favorite backdrop from the above? Let us know in the comments below!

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