Traditional Hindu Wedding Saga- When Love Triumphs Over Quarantine Crisis

Traditional Hindu Wedding Saga- When Love Triumphs Over Quarantine Crisis

The traditional Hindu wedding ceremony is known as Vivah in Sanskrit. Culturally two souls unite to one spiritually, mentally, and physically. Marriage is not just a celebration of two people, it is the merging of two families.

A traditional Hindu wedding takes place for three days, though couples chose to condense the event to make it smaller and simpler. Our beautiful couple named Surabhi and Sandeep had a lovely arranged marriage during the crisis of covid pandemic in and around the world. 

The Corona pandemic has taken a toll on all our lives. When staying at home was aimed due to the spread of coronavirus many people were able to get in touch with each other through mobile phones, video calls, etc. 

Many engaged couples were planning for a wedding but due to the pandemic situation, they had to postpone their weddings. 

Since many people were going through different levels of stress, our beautiful couple named Surabhi and Sandeep met each other for the first time. 

It is beautifully said that sometimes the force of our parents creates magic in a child’s life.

hindu wedding
hindu wedding

Pre-wedding Celebration 

To begin with the Indian Hindu pre-wedding celebration our couples met each other at a wedding two days before the lockdown and randomly started texting each other.  

Meanwhile, families wanted them to know each other and decide upon their future, as days were passing by they got more close to each other and started sensing the magic of love starting between us.

hindu wedding


Later, they decided on telling up things to families, and families were really happy knowing this. The first event that took place was “Roka” which means making an official announcement to families, friends, and relatives. A title on the couple saying “Booked and Engaged”.

While the vehicles in the world weren’t moving they chose to have a Roka ceremony at home. Both the families gathered, exchanged gifts, sweets, dry fruits, etc, and blessed our couple to have a happy eternity.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Like every couple wishes to have a filmy wedding story, our couples too had a photoshoot at the farmhouse in Chennai.  A pre-wedding photoshoot is one of the best ways to remove their camera nervousness. Chennai photographers being creative and developing the comfort level between the couple. Therefore, they forgot the camera and led to a natural-looking and livelier image. 

hindu wedding

Ring ceremony

Following Roka, and the pre-wedding photoshoot it was the Ring ceremony function after a few months. During this ceremony, couples exchanged gold rings, cake cutting ceremony followed by a sangeet and DJ party.

Hence families come together; they sing dance and express the joy of the upcoming union. Both the bride and groom’s family give dance performances that turn up to kick off the start of the wedding itself.

Mandava Mohratam

A pooja is kept to avoid Apshagun i.e anything ominous happening during the wedding. A pandit is called to do the pooja, which is done both by the bride and groom for the pleasant and sparkling wedding ceremony following by live streaming as it was a covid period.

hindu wedding
hindu wedding


Followed by the Haldi function called a pithi ceremony, it is the turmeric paste applied to the bride and groom separately at their place. Married and elderly ladies sing-song and friends and siblings accompany them with dance and performances. It is said that applying Haldi brings prosperity and it symbolizes new life for the newly wedded. 

The Wedding day


One of the favorite parts of Hindu weddings is Barat. Our groom Sandeep came to the wedding venue with all his friends and siblings dancing to the music of dhol. Where the bride’s family waits for the Barat to arrive at the venue which in turn is called Barat swagat.  

Eventually, the groom comes either in a luxury car, horse, camel, booming music, or dhol.

Our groom was welcomed with the Red tilak on his forehead and a Nariyal in hand. After the barathi settles the milan of bride and groom takes place.


hindu wedding
hindu wedding


While everything was settled the next ceremony was followed by Varmala where the bride and groom came in front of each other for “Jai mala”. 

Our groom Sandeep was shocked to see Surabhi as she was looking stunning in her outfit. One of the most beautiful brides in the world “says his heart”. In a Hindu wedding without Jai mala, the wedding is said to be incomplete. 

Together with couples and family proceeds towards Mandap.

hindu wedding


Our bride and groom sat in front of the holy fire where the priest was saying his mantras from the holy sculpture. 

The couple circles the holy fire four times praying and exchanging vows of duty, love, and respect. 

Followed by kanyadan, Sindoor and Mangalsutra.

Hence, the wedding ends up with blessings from elders by touching their feet, and last comes the Vidaai of the bride. 

Post-wedding ceremony


Finally introducing the bride and groom to this community. Reception is the time to celebrate and socialize where families and friends come together to have a pleasant time. Followed by great music, amazing food, cake cuttings, gifts, and beautiful decoration.

hindu wedding
hindu wedding
hindu wedding


In short, when a wedding is held a couple needs support from families and friends in every step they take in life. 

Hindu weddings are so special and beautiful that they cannot be forgotten easily. 

A day to cherish in one’s life. Wedding Photographers and videographers share with us the most pleasant and unforgettable moments of life.

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