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What is Candid photography? An emotional, expressive, or ongoing moment is being captured without the person’s knowledge called candid photography. We could even say that an imperfect shot always turns out to be a perfect one as the candid photographer captures it. Candid photography is not capturing still objects. In other words, it’s not an...
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The traditional Hindu wedding ceremony is known as Vivah in Sanskrit. Culturally two souls unite to one spiritually, mentally, and physically. Marriage is not just a celebration of two people, it is the merging of two families. A traditional Hindu wedding takes place for three days, though couples chose to condense the event to make...
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When it comes to planning for the wedding day, the list seems to be endless. The most important part of the wedding is the couple and the way they have been captured through photographic lenses. However planning for a wedding requires an excellent event manager, perfect florist, catering services, beautiful wedding dresses, jewelries, and most importantly a wedding...
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Types and Styles in Wedding Photography 2020 Pre wedding photography Manipulation Photography Candid wedding photography Traditional wedding photography Camera used by photographers Hiring Wedding Photographer Expensive wedding photography and its Advantages   What is Pre-Wedding photography? The pre-wedding photography concept is nothing but a photoshoot between the couples. It’s done two or three months earlier...
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It is beautifully said that wedding photography is an art, but capturing a moving moment is a profession that is more or less called Candid wedding photography.  The word wedding means the same for all the religion, caste and community, but its the society which has defined the named wedding with different words before the...
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