What is Candid photography? An emotional, expressive, or ongoing moment is being captured without the person’s knowledge called candid photography. We could even say that an imperfect shot always turns out to be a perfect one as the candid photographer captures it. Candid photography is not capturing still objects. In other words, it’s not an...
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The traditional Hindu wedding ceremony is known as Vivah in Sanskrit. Culturally two souls unite to one spiritually, mentally, and physically. Marriage is not just a celebration of two people, it is the merging of two families. A traditional Hindu wedding takes place for three days, though couples chose to condense the event to make...
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In a world full of selfies who don’t need an amazing capture by the Photographer. Here are some wonderful places where you can plan a Best Pre- Wedding Photoshoot in Chennai. Elements on ECR: A remarkable backdrop can highlight everything in a picture where a shoot can become rich and royal to subtle and divine....
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