Who doesn’t love the Big Fat Indian Weddings? It’s a maddening and fun-filled roller coaster. The excitement in the air, a hundred different delicacies to gorge on, the sound of chores and people frantically running around in panic mode like there’s no tomorrow. Everything is extravagant and ceremonious; everything is like a dream. However, the...
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It is beautifully said that wedding photography is an art, but capturing a moving moment is a profession that is more or less called Candid wedding photography.  The word wedding means the same for all the religion, caste and community, but its the society which has defined the named wedding with different words before the...
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A wedding is a ceremony where two people choose to share vow to spend life together titled “Marriage“. In many Indian cultures, a wedding is celebrated in different ways, some celebrate it for a day and others celebrate it for a week.  Today social distancing and huge gathering are restricted due to the disease caused...
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Love that blossoms time and keeps us happy. The story of two lovers Ruchi & Aravind united two states as one. Ruchi belongs to Chhattisgarh state and she was passionately operating for the co. Cisco working on the post of Technical Engineer. Every day during her breakfast and coffee time, she used to come out...
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