Photographing Gold & Diamond- Product Photographers Chennai

Photographing Gold & Diamond- Product Photographers Chennai

Photographing gold and Diamond Jewelry, Product

Photographers In Chennai

Women are passionate about gold and diamond jewelry. It represents the symbol of social status. 

Wearing gold or Diamond jewelry makes women feel confident and beautiful.

Product photographers pay extra attention to lights while photographing jewelry, especially when we are shooting outdoors as there is no control over lighting. 

Soft lighting looks best while shooting with jewels and with models. 

product photography like gold and Diamonds comes with its own set of challenges. The products are small, reflective, and are difficult while shooting. 

We overcome challenges with a bit of planning. 


  • Polishing the jewelry before photographing as the mirrorless camera captures minute details which are invisible through our naked eye. 
  • Using a plain white or a light grey background does not allow to shift the focus of the buyer. 
  • Props draw the attention of the buyer to look at the product. Sometimes these props are distractions too. It has both pros and cons. 
  • Using high aperture and full focus on products gain the attention of the buyer as the image would be sharp and clear. 
  • White balance needs to be set accurately so that the product reflects as they are. 

These are the few things that are taken care of by the product photographer.




Gold jewelry has been used to celebrate marriage and childbirth or presented as gifts during religious festivals.

Jewelry without a tint of gold is incomplete. 

Gold is most appealing to both men and women when it comes to jewelry.

In short, it signifies, purity, wedding, occasion, festivals, etc. Gold jewelry compliments your look. 

Since, Gold is used to make bangles, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, wristlets, rings, etc in various designs.




Diamonds attract attention with their spark and unbelievable radiance.

A touch of gold has evolved into a style statement among men and women today.

Diamond is an important ornament for unique and auspicious occasions, it can make women feel special, stylish, and beautiful. 

It can highlight women’s personality and bring out the best features when wearing the right pieces for the right occasion.

Diamond jewelry is eternally beautiful and the magic seems to be unfading. 

Diamonds are also called women’s best friends. They are real and rare and can not be found at discounted prices. 

Since diamonds have been the symbol of status, class, and taste of women. 

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