Wedding Photographers During Quarantine Period The only thing we can do during Quarantine is waiting until we get to an end to it, despite being a wedding photographer it is a great loss in business. Due to CoronaVirus, all the events have been canceled as respects the Prime minister of India Narendra Modi to maintain...
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Editing a picture can make an image look extraordinary from an ordinary or raw image. A picture can be anything it might be a family picture, a Wedding picture or Event Photography picture. After the production work is over its the editors and its team who work together to make the image look more appealing and joyful...
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An Indian wedding involves many intricate traditional ceremonies. Hindu, Brahmins, Muslims, Jains, Christians all have different ways to celebrate the wedding, but in all of these, the common thing between the weddings is the preparations, the feelings of the Bride and Groom before they married. When a couple decides to get married from day one their preparation for weddings...
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