Fiction vs Reality about Wedding Photography

Fiction vs Reality about Wedding Photography

When it comes to planning for the wedding day, the list seems to be endless. The most important part of the wedding is the couple and the way they have been captured through photographic lenses. However planning for a wedding requires an excellent event manager, perfect florist, catering services, beautiful wedding dresses, jewelries, and most importantly a wedding photographer

Uncovering some Fiction vs Reality that we come across about wedding photography.

FICTION: “I have to send a list of Wedding photos to my photographer so that my photographer will shoot that throughout the day”

REALITY: Referring pictures and a few magazines for the type of photography you want on your wedding day. 

Sharing photos with the photographer that your dreaming of is an astounding task to be done.

We always want our photographer to do the best on our special day.

A day that never comes back again in our life, a photographer gives us memories in such an elegant way that we never forget.

Having a clear conversation with the photographer is important. 

We have to tell them about the timings of the celebrations starting so that they are ready for two hours at the venue before the events start.

Have faith because photographers’ aim itself is to give you the best memories. 

Fiction Reality Wedding photography

FICTION: Candid Photographers are “just not creative” in clicking family /Bridal portraits

REALITY: People like to pose, whereas few want their emotions to be snapped by the photographer and that’s what we call a candid photographer

The basic factor of Candid photography is the absence of posing says Wikipedia such photography is also called secret photography. 

It is very difficult for the photographer to capture family portraits while the main wedding rituals are going on. 

A candid photographer is open to click family, friends, and bridal portraits before and after the wedding ceremony are over. 

Similarly, formal and family portraits are as important as Couples photography at weddings.

FICTION: It is better to hire a budget-friendly Photographer than hiring an expensive one.

REALITY: Instead of hiring a low budget & low-quality photographer, hiring an expensive photographer gives you the best images with high quality & quantity images so this becomes a win-win situation. 

Compared to low budget photographers wedding photographers spend years in the industry to learn and be creative in every wedding photography they do. 

Getting the top name in the wedding photography industry takes years because weddings and couples will be challenging every time. The skills and talent of a photographer have to be upgraded with time, money, and the dreams of our clients. 

Thus, the number of photographers or images matter less than getting the images you dreamed of.

FICTION: Why to hire a professional wedding photographer, when my friend is already using a DSLR and clicking good pictures!

REALITY:  A professional wedding photographer has shot hundreds of weddings, they know the ups and downs happening during the wedding rituals and ceremony. 

Photographers shoot in every condition while the wedding rituals take place although its harsh lights, low lights, or darker rooms.

If there is any other fault happening with the lighting or camera setup they always have a backup plan ready with them. 

Weddings are about emotions and memories from years down the lane. 

When a friend can click good pictures photographers can click the best photographs for your marriage. 

A day that is never going to come back, a moment that you will cherish throughout your lifetime. 

FICTION: Are photographers using the latest equipment? Because the quality of the photos depends on the camera they use.!

REALITY: It is not the camera who clicks pictures it’s the person who clicks pictures with its creativity and Yes the latest camera equipment plays an important role, wedding photographers use Mirrorless cameras to capture wedding events. 

Having ample knowledge about camera techniques, lightings, angles, and vision makes a person a great photographer. 

Having the latest camera helps in clicking good pictures. There is a beauty in every corner, in every soul. We just need an eye to see it and a camera to capture it. 

The two most important settings that give you the most creative control in photography is the aperture (which controls the depth of field) and shutter speed (which controls the freezing or blurring of motion). This aspect will define the quality of the picture. 

FICTION: “My Wedding photographs will look good only if the location is amazing”

REALITYYes at some places location matters examples of best locations for pre-wedding photoshoots

While shooting for wedding photographs they are usually shot in hotel rooms, banquets, or homes. 

To have a good image location does not matter really, it’s the mixture of photographers’ talent and the couple posing for portraits. 

To this end trust in the photographer and live your wedding day to the fullest. Happy and cherishable couples make good pictures.

The list of Fiction vs Reality about wedding photography goes on and on. Feel free to add fiction in the comment section. We would love to answer you with realities or DM us on Instagram.

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